"I am impressed and thankful for the passion you and your team bring to your work. I have been to enough PTs to know that you clearly stand-out. In fact is seems your passion is contagious, even your patients stand apart. On the other hand, I am very disappointed with the medical profession.

No problem, I said to my self, having broken many bones in my rough-and-tumble life. I decided to shop for a surgeon and repair my right shoulder. While I was young (55) and still had coverage. So I had arthroscopic surgery on my shoulder, rotator cup and tendon re-planting. Little did I know how challenging the therapy would be. This is a complex joint!

What I learned and share with you:

  1. Do your homework - ask for recommendations.
  2. See a therapist (preferably Chris) before you go under the knife!

  3. Get second opinion from surgeons.
  4. Get reality check - talk to people that have had similar procedures.
  5. Own your body. Don't just present yourself and say "fix me."
  6. Caution! Surgeons are focused on doing as many procedures as possible. Not therapy.

My errors:

  1. Underestimating how debilitating this would be.
  2. Underestimating the effort required to recover from shoulder surgery.
  3. Naive about the medical field (surgeons).

See you soon and thanks,


"I started physical therapy at Campbell Physical Therapy & SportsCare after an MRI indicated a torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. The staff worked to keep my range of motion and to strengthen the muscles around the joint leading up to surgery. During my visits with the staff, I found them to be very professional and knowledgeable in my rehabilitation. They were very aggressive in regaining my full range of motion and strength, allowing me to return to my regular activities. I would definitely recommend and return to Campbell P.T. for any future rehabilitation needs."

Jane Osterhaus

"I have been treated on two occasions at this center. What impressed me the most is that the entire staff works as a team. At other centers I've been treated at I was left unattended quite often. At C.P.T., if you need assistance, anyone who is available comes to your aid. Everyone calls you by your first name and the massages are awesome. Thanks!!"

Maureen Arleo

"I was very happy with the success and healing of my Achilles tendinitis. Lily used deep massage and all other things available. The staff was very willing to help and do whatever needed to be done. I would use your P.T. services again if I needed them. Thank you!!"

Rose Zukas

I've been going to Chris Ota for many years for various injuries and he always helped me to feel better. Chris and his staff are some of the most knowledgeable P.T. prfessionals I know. I would recommend them to anyone, knowing that they do the best to help relieve pain and discomfort."

Salvatore La Rosa

"I appreciate and am very grateful for all the wonderful help you have given me during these past few years. You and your staff are so very professional and highly-skilled and caring."

Jeanette Clemenco

I had a torn right labrum and some 'touch-up' work done on my right rotator cuff. It was a great experience rehabilitating my shoulder at Campbell Physical Therapy. The staff was very professional, friendly and most importantly, educated on what needed to be done to get my shoulder back to health."

Karl Hawkins

"I was treated at Campbell P.T. following rotator cuff surgery. Following the physical therapy plan I have regained 100 percent of my range of motion and I am completely pain-free. Thanks to Chris and his staff, I made progress each month that exceeded my expectations. Thanks guys!! You're great!"

Dianne Hays

"The doctor diagnosed me as having back muscle spasms and recommended physical therapy. Campbell P.T. immediately went to the source of muscle spasms. Through a combination of heat, ice, stimulation and massage, I felt relief. Strengthening exercises built up the area and I was able to train again with no pain and full range of motion. These people are very good at what they do and I am very thankful I was referred to them!!"

John J. Schebetta

"I first started my treatment at Campbell Physical Therapy in 1997 after having five surgeries for disc problems in my cervical spine with little relief. I had been to P.T. at several other clinics previously with no improvement but knew after my first visit with Chris Ota, P.T., that I was going to be very happy with the outcome. When I first came to this practice I had several flare-ups almost on a daily basis and was always in pain. There were many days when Chris squeezed me into his busy schedule to get me an appointment when I could barely function. After my personalized treatment program, I was able to function daily with minimal pain. Chris is one of the most caring people I have ever met in my life. Chris is not just my physical therapist anymore, but has also become a friend. He truly cares about his patients and how they are feeling and wants them to get better. Another thing about C.P.T. is the staff. They are always professional, happy and have a smile on their faces when they greet you. I owe it all to my friend and BEST physical therapist in the world, Chris Ota, and all of his AWESOME staff at Campbell Physical Therapy. I will never be able to thank you enough, there are no words to express my gratitude."

Christina St. Louis

"Over the past few years I experienced a dislocated shoulder and knee trauma, which resulted in surgery. Consequently, I have been treated at a number of physical therapy clinics in the South Bay area. After relating my past "not-to-memorable" physical therapy experiences, my physican recommended the Campbell Physical Therapy Clinic. WOW!!! ... I am happy to state that I was highly impressed from the moment I arrived for my first appointment, as I felt an "upbeat" energy just upon entering the lobby. During the course of my treatment, I found the C.P.T. staff to be very professional, knowledgeable and highly sensitive and attentive to patients. Personally, I really enjoyed and appreciated the ambiance; the staff exhibit a "welcome" sense of humor and they make you feel comfortable. Clearly, Campbell Physical Therapy is VERY quality care/patient-oriented. Many thanks and kudos to Chris and his P.T. team."


"I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for everything you and your staff did to rehabilitate my wrist after surgery. As a professional motorcycle racer, I have had my share of injuries. Over the past ten years, I have worked with many different physical therapists in an attempt to minimize my recovery time after injuries. Traditionally, I found it difficult to find the right therapist; most had a pre-set method or program for a particular injury and did not consider the unique situation of each patient. Instead of assigning a "cookie-cutter" routine that they used for all wrist injuries, the first thing they did was sit me down, talk about my situation and ask me what my needs were. Then, taking into account my goals and objectives, your knowledgeable and experienced staff tailored a unique rehabilitation program specifically around my individual requirements. The result was that I felt like I was working one-on-one with my own physical therapist and that we were working as a team to meet my objectives. I sincerely appreciate everything you and your staff did to help me recover from my injury. I couldn't have asked for better care! Thank you very much!"

Peter Hoffmann

"I came to CPT after having 4 surgeries on my ankle and leg. I had suffered muscle and nerve damage thought to be permanent. The orthopedic surgeon thought I would require a leg brace to walk. When I first met Chris he was so encouraging and honest. He told me that it would be a slow and long recovery but I expected that I would walk and run again. (I'm a marathoner) I do have permanent damage to my leg. I have done so much better than either of my surgeons had thought possible. I know it is because of the excellent care I have received at CPT & the way the staff pushed me in my recovery. The staff has the ability to push when needed and to tell me to back off when I needed that. I set a goal early on to complete the New York City marathon in November 2004. Mind you I was not able to walk more than 1/8 of a mile at the time. The staff never discouraged me. The entire staff at CPT was very supportive and encouraging. I did it!! I should say we did it!! On November 7, 2004 I finished the NYC marathon. I will always be grateful for the excellent care I revceived. Thank you to everyone at Campbell Physical Therapy!"

Maureen Pollock

"Thank you for all your special care. You are a credit to your profession."

C. Stopper

"Thank you so much for your great services, care and concern. You are all A+ in my book! Wishing you much happiness and success, you are the greatest!"

S. Kamimoto

"I want to thank you all for the excellent treatment and care you gave me recently. When I first came to you, my arms were very restricted and painful. Now, I can do my housework and everything that I need to do. Also, you did a good job of taking care of the injured shoulder when I fell on the stairs. It is in good shape and I don't feel any repercussion from the fall. I want you to know that I really appreciate you helping me with these bum shoulders of mine. Thanks a million for everything."

B. Hall

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