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Best of the Bay
Viewers Choice Award Winner for Best Physical Therapist in Northern California
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DS Physical Therapy and SportsCare is a BBB Accredited Physical Therapist in San Jose, CA

About Us and Our Methods

Experience and Teamwork

At Campbell & DS Physical Therapy and SportsCare, we're dedicated to giving you the best services available. With a highly-skilled, professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment, we work to quickly and completely rehabilitate our patients.

We provide a professional, caring, results-oriented, "hands-on" physical therapy environment. Our goal is to help individuals regain their highest level of physical function at work, sports and everyday life. Our expertise encompasses the physical therapy management of spinal disorders, orthopedic problems, motor vehicle injuries and sports injuries.

Athletic Rehabilitation

Whether you are a scholastic athlete, weekend skier or just physically active, a sports injury presents a special situation. Rehabilitation , in this case, must take the patient beyond a normal level of performance to regain that extra speed, strength and mobility that is required of an athlete.

We work together with you in virtually an athlete-coach relationship. As a team, we work intensely, extending the limits of previous abilities, while taking care to not exceed those limits.

Manual Procedures

Manual procedures are a fundamental and indispensable part of physical therapy. There is still no machine that can guide a wrist through its complex range of movements; no device that can isolate and work on a single muscle as well as the skilled hands of a therapist.

Our clinic's manual procedures are basic to any patient's therapy program. But here at our clinic, these procedures extend well beyond the basics. As part of our commitment to excellence, we are constantly learning new and more advanced techniques.

Our extensive repertoire of specialized procedures enables us to choose the most appropriate technique for maximum effectiveness and minimal discomfort.

Manual therapy procedures include Soft Tissue Mobilization, Massage, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Joint Mobilization, Acupressure, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral, McConnell & Kinesio Taping, ASTYM Mobilization, Active Release Technique (ART) and Pain Reflex Release (PRRT).

State-of-the-art Technology

The explosion of technology has resulted in significant advances in the world of physical therapy. What was once impossible can now be accomplished. The difficult is made easy and that which could once only be estimated can now be precisely measured.

With these new devices, we can reduce pain during exercise, lessen swelling, re-educate a patient's muscles and quantify a patient's progress. Melding our therapists with the most that intelligent, new technology has to offer, we can treat you effectively and thoroughly.

Low Level Laser

Erchonia Low Level Laser is used to treat many conditions such as acute, chronic pain reduction, repetitive use disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome, soft tissue strains and sprains, inflammation reduction, enhanced tissue wound healing and cell regeneration.

ASTYM Mobilization

The ASTYM system uses ergonomically designed instruments that allow the clinician to stimulate the body's own capacity for healing patients with soft tissue degeneration fibrosis or chronic inflammation.

ATM2 Active Therapeutic Movement Device

The ATM2 Active Therapeutic Movement Device allows the unique pain-free position for the patient to allow specific neuromuscular training based on body movement to achieve and sustain immediate pain reduction, stabilitation and increased range of motion.

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